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Hello and welcome to the Mind Matters quick start guide. Here you'll find out how to make new shapes and diagrams from scratch, as well as building on and modifying diagrams from preconfigured templates.


Step 1 - Adding a new shape


First things, first. After the splash screen clears you'll be dropped into your online desktop; essentially a grey background with grid lines (unless you've changed settings already!). The menu bars are how we'll bring our creations to life, you can hover over each to display a tooltip explaining their purpose.

The First Panel contains the app level controls 


Undo and Redo can help you recover from most errors and are enabled when an action is available.


New Diagram  will open the diagram browser menu, allowing you to pick from a number of templates and pre-made samples.


Clear Screen  will remove existing content and allows you to start from scratch but you may wish to save your diagram first  


To begin with, lets first create a diagram from scratch using our shape editor menu. 


Adding a new shape  places a new shape, of the chosen type (defaulting to a simple text box) to the centre of your screen like so.


Of course, we won't always want to add shapes to the centre of the diagram or we won't want the centre of the diagram to be centred on the screen. To shift the viewing position of the diagram we can either use the camera panning controls  or click, hold and drag from any empty position on the screen.


From the camera control panel  we can also zoom in and out, re centre the diagram or even define a new centre point.


Moving shape is also simple, just drag and drop into any required position.