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  • All items currently under construction, help files are incomplete.
  • Requested features coming soon
    • Custom Command to load new diagram
    • Name/Title published diagrams
    • Item library - Selecting "new" should launch a browser instance if none are detected
  • Please note, if you see a persistent black background in the app and cannot change it, then WebGL is not working properly in your browser.

Known Issues / Bugs

  • Presentation Mode - Starting shape "selected" does not work
  • Charts - series on page 2 of form not still displaying when set to "none"
  • Internal naming is inconsistent and confusing [adding a text field to allow direct naming and name editing]
  • Custom command creation - list of chart series not refreshing when the base chart choice is changed
  • Chart editing - Deleting series and axis causes errors
  • Chart editing - Label offset is not working
  • Grouping and ungrouping - breaking the positioning of links and internals
  • Data Manager - disabled text box styling issues.
  • Group creation - inconsistently can cause display issues and diagram corruption.
  • Table editing - Cannot edit table highlight text style.
  • Presentation Mode - missing image errors logged in console
  • Presentation Mode - Bug in deselecting child and sibling nodes in flowcharts. See sample.
  • Presentation Mode - Resizing screen requires a reset.
  • Need to create individual shape settings to apply effects and custom commands.
  • Command to "set state" not working properly